Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Even the boys can't believe the year is half over. In less than a week, they will be 16.

This past week marked three calendar months since Bill left us. In some ways, it isn't any easier at all. But I seem to have regained somewhat of the ability to think again. The latest book I read on grief dealt specifically with losing a child. Even a grown child.
And I seem to be on track... no worse or better than many who have walked this path before. I seem to be instinctively doing the things the books recommend. I have been keeping a journal... and wrote in it something God had put into my heart: Grief is not a contest. It isn't about who is hurting more, or who lost the most. It is a pain that each person walks through on their own... with only God to lean on. It wasn't a week after I wrote this in the journal, that I received a book from my SIL. Just over halfway through the book, the author said almost the exact same thing.

Yesterday, Tom and the boys and I went down to Devil's Den and went hiking. We did a three mile trail to Yellow Rock, then had a picnic lunch. We then went to the river/creek and did a creek hike... probably 3/4 to a mile. Back in the parking area, we watched FAT sassy squirrels frolic. Then decided to find out what the hike-in camp sites looked like. So we can add another 3/4 to 1 mile to the walking.
I haven't been doing much of anything exercise wise... so this was a major excursion. I really want to take back off the weight I had regained since Bill's death.

This weekend, the twins and I are headed to Texas. We will see my Dad and Kathie, and then head to my mom's, where we will meet Becky and get Alana. Dan works Thursday morning, so we have to be back Wednesday night. We MIGHT go to the zoo while we are there. I still have to ask Jennifer when she wants Alana back.
Well, as I am at the library, I best get this blog spellchecked and published before my time is up. Have a blessed day!

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