Friday, April 12, 2013


Wednesday was the big day. Poor Sam was stuck in the hospital waiting room for FIVE hours as they ran a little behind.
HAHAHA! I said "Behind".
The doc took pictures. Just the thing for a coffee table book, I'm thinking.
 Or maybe not.
But here you go, pictures of my Kaleidoscope.

Yep, my darling daughter sent me a kaleidoscope!
In the actual procedure, The doc said everything looked good (Good being a relative term when you are looking up someones backside...) although he did biopsy a mass he thinks is probably a thromboses (i.e., blood clot filled) hemorrhoid. (TMI!) I will learn the results of that biopsy next week.
Meanwhile, my regular doctor did a followup on the arthritis and took me off of EVERYTHING. No drugs at all. He is electing to "watch and wait" and see how often I flare before deciding on a course of treatment.
In mentioning the findings of the Kaleidoscope to my regular Doc, he said that the biopsy itself should 'resolve' the thromboses. Online research say most of these resolve themselves in 2 weeks or less and rarely need surgical correction.
So back at work- remember those 25 batteries the ASSistant manager said he would deal with? Well, he left them until AFTER business hours, and had to be paid overtime to do them. So *I* was in trouble for "not doing my job". Suddenly, it is no longer "We are all a team"... It is, "Your co-workers are complaining you are slacking and they have to do your job. You have to do the job you were hired to do, or we need to fill the position with someone who can." Today I was called aside and told I now have to have a medical release filled out by my Doctor. I am pretty sure what he ISN'T coming right out and saying is that he has found someone else he wants to hire for the position I am in.
He has said to me in the past he never fires anyone. But I have seen him start riding people until they quit- deliberately provoking them until they walk out. If they don't take the bait- he  invariably discovers they are 'stealing'. Guess I should start job hunting. Something better suited to my physical limitations. Y'all be praying for me!

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