Monday, June 16, 2014


I have been at a loss on what to do for the boys' 18th birthday, which is TOMORROW!
So far, I have posted an open invitation on Facebook for people to call, text, or send cards to the boys.
Mr C and I went to Atwoods yesterday and bought three mixed six packs of a variety of sodas, including their favorite Ale-8-1. We discovered Ale-8-1 a few years back as we traveled through Kentucky after a family reunion. It is a "local" soda, almost unknown outside the borders of the state of Kentucky.
Next door to Atwoods is Family Dollar, where we got them each a helium balloon, as well as a birthday banner, and some paper plates and cups. All these things are currently residing in my bathroom, which is one of the least likely places for them to be discovered.
Mr C is thinking of shopping for them today- maybe this afternoon. At the moment he is out on the weekly grocery shopping trip.
I also ordered the boys each a polo shirt from Think Geek- "Aperture Science Laboratories"- the fictional laboratory of their current favorite computer game Portal. The shirts should arrive today or tomorrow.
The boys both wanted to do a skydive ASAP.

Both boys are working three to four jobs, part time, in addition to doing  their school work. They work for The Wooden Spoon, primarily. Then for our handicapped neighbor, Anthony. Recently, they have begun working for a chicken farmer who needs some hard labor at updating his (currently birdless) facility. And they work for my co-worker John when he needs them. They are industrious young men. (Contrast to one of my co-workers sons, who is about ten months older. This fellow is Army reserve... one weekend a month. And part- time at McDonalds... when he feels like going.)

So tomorrow, ALL of my kids are legally grown up. Pardon me while I go cry for awhile. It isn't like we didn't know this was coming. And both boys are still living at home- Dan at least until he heads off to the Appalachian Trail in March, and who knows what the next few months will bring with Sam?
Today, Dan asked me how one goes about becoming a pilot, short of joining the military. He cited Roy and Julie Zesch as examples of private pilots he knows. I know Tom always wanted to get a private pilots license, yet never has done so.

Our garden is growing well. We had our first fruits of onions, and squash this weekend. This year we are growing pole beans instead of bush beans... and they are way taller than I am right now. The peas are in full bloom, tomatoes are setting, and have several bell peppers that will be eatin' size in a few days. Oh, and the wild blackberries are ripening. I just remembered that I saw some yesterday. I need to get jeans and sleeves on and get out picking before the heat and humidity of the day are too much!
Be blessed!
Call or text (479) 212 1798 tomorrow to wish the boys a happy birthday. (Be sure you leave a name with your text so they know who it is from!)

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