Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Busy anyway

I neglected to take into consideration that Monday was my 'regular' day off. Also Tom's day off. We had plenty to do. While I superficially browsed some job listings, I didn't put in any applications.
 Tuesday, I got up and got online, even before a breakfast. I put in an application for Staffmark, which is an agency people call when they need someone to fill in for a few days or weeks. I would like a job that is flexible enough to be able to take off work when Paula has Peaches, and at Thanksgiving. To be able to take vacations with Tom, when he wants to go to Ohio and see his family. Most jobs aren't offering that sort of flexibility. I also need a job where I am not straining my body... it's got to last another 50 years!

Once I got that application done, I started where I left off yesterday in the kitchen. I am re-organizing my cabinets, giving everything I use a HOME... as opposed to my usual "stick it there for now" method. My bowl/ plastic ware cabinet looks great! All bowls that have lids have them matched with them. My cups are all neat, and every stinking water bottle/ thermos/ sippy cup that HAS a matching lid is together WITH its lid, neatly STANDING upright. About 10,000,000 lids with no container to fit have been pitched, with the exception of a very few Tupperware lids.

Today I worked on the food storage upper cabinet. The cabinet is made from really cheap fiberboard for the shelves, with very little support beneath them. In the 10 years we have lived here, they have really begun to sag. While the cupboard was empty, Daniel went to town and got some angle iron with pre-drilled holes. He gave the shelves a nice bit or reinforcement/ support.

After wiping off the shelves, I categorized the items going back in, and repackaged much of it. There was a literal pile of various baggies of dried items Dan has been preparing for use on his AT hike. Some of this I sealed up into vacuum bags. Some I put into glass jars. I have two lower cupboards of pans and the spice cabinet to go, as well as the small units over the refrigerator and stove. I suppose I should also see to the underneath of the sink as well. From there, it will be on to the laundry room.

However, I will start each day with at least one job application! These are tedious to do- but at least most are online and I am not wasting gas driving hither and yon.

My last day at work was also my co-worker John's last day. He retired- and he well deserves a great retirement!  John brought me breakfast, coffee and a sausage biscuit! I got as much of the work that was piling up done as I could, then called a day.
Sam made it safely to San Angelo, and that was the last we heard from him until today! He is having a good time- but most nearly visited out, I think.

Sunday, Tom and Daniel picked two+ more bushels of apples. With their help, I made 7 more pints of applesauce and 14 more half pints of apple butter. Then, almost all the rest went into more apple cider. By Monday, the beautiful plums were calling out to us... but Tom and I ignored their cries and didn't stop to pick more. (If I pick more, I have to buy more jars. But I really want to pick more.. since a friend told me of an upcoming craft sale where I could get a booth.) I need to decide in the next day or two, while there are still plums to be had.

(Who has time for a job?)
Please pray I will find the best way to earn income!

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