Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Job, Day 4

Day four has gone pretty much like days 2 & 3... and only differing from Day 1 in that, on Day 1 I spoke to an actual human when I called in to confirm my availability. Since then, I have spoken to a recording... and not been on an actual paying job at all. If this keeps up much longer, I will be back to looking for work.

The pattern for Sam's hood just hasn't fit correctly. We went back to WalMart and purchased six more yards of $1 a yard fabric to experiment on. I now have quite a stack of hoods to fit narrow shouldered people. I will try again- only altering the measurements and reshaping the back of the hood. We still aren't ready to cut into expensive fabric!
My sewing scissor disappeared. Sam had grown frustrated at trying to cut even the light muslin with the dull, dull, dull scissors I otherwise have around. He even purchased a pair of intermediate 'school' scissors.. which were better than the dull pair! While buying the practice fabric, he also purchased a pair of actual razor sharp Fisker sewing scissors. Once home and using them for the first time- Sam tells me he can now understand WHY I have always stressed that my sewing scissor was for FABRIC and nothing else! What a difference in effort sharp scissors make.

We are having cool, rainy weather at the moment, after a hot and humid day for most of yesterday. Today IS supposed to get up into the mid 80's- and with the rain this morning, this will give us a sauna this afternoon. I've got on long sleeves now- I may be in a tank top this afternoon! The weather has been fluctuating between the low sixties and upper eighties during the day, and from 43* to 64* at night the past week or so.
TAYLOR REUNION is coming up... the 27th in Broken Bow, Same place as last year! I hope everyone is planning to come.
Welcome to Bailey Ranae Beard! Born to my nephew Tony and his wife Cami last evening, Bailey was born at 7:44 pm September 17th, weighing 6.8 lbs., and is 20 inches tall. Bailey and Cami are doing well. (Tony is the son of my brother Robbie.)
Guess I best get on with my cleaning and reorganizing of the house- my self appointed task for the days I'm "not working."
Thanks for reading, have a blessed day!

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