Saturday, September 6, 2014

Officially Unemployed

I am home from my last day at O'Reilly's.
 I am proud of me... I didn't shirk, I worked hard all week... even my last day. Yes, there were things left undone. Things are continually flowing and piling at most jobs... I did as much as I could, which was more than many would. This is the season of change throughout the company, as summer gives way to fall. Displays change, new products come out. The hunting accessories start to arrive, the AC items give way to the cold weather gear.
I did love most aspects of my job. However, it was becoming too much for me, physically.
So now the hunt for a job I CAN do begins.

I realize some of my family and friends here do not participate in Facebook.
I need to update you on some happenings the past week or so.
Last Saturday, Daniel and Sam went to Lewis and Clark Outfitters, where Daniel has purchased a great deal of the gear to use on his Appalachian trail adventure. The boys has heard that there was to be a big 'gear swap' for anyone interested in purchasing used equipment or had any to sell. They had not double checked... the gear swap is in October! But since they were there, they took time to talk to the very friendly folks who work there, and look at bicycles. Sam has been talking about getting a bicycle for MONTHS. And there was a bike sale going on.
Sam put a bike on layaway, not having had cash on him to outright buy one.
The boys had no sooner arrived home than the phone rang. It was the OWNER of Lewis and Clark Outfitters! He happened to have been one of the people who had chatted with Daniel and Sam at the store. He asked Daniel if they could get together and talk about Lewis and Clark Outfitters sponsoring a portion of Daniel's Appalachian Trail hike- something like supplying his footwear?
The details have yet to be ironed out, but I thought this was pretty amazing! Daniel hadn't mentioned a sponsorship, the thought never occurred to any of us!
Tuesday, Sam was champing at the bit to go to the bank and get money to redeem his bike from its layaway. As there was no freight Tuesday, due to the Labor Day holiday, I was off. So we went to Lewis and Clark and Sam bought his bike. The bike bug had bitten Daniel over the weekend... so Daniel also purchased a new bike. Folks, these are not your $80 WalMart bikes... these are NICE bicycles, which were expensive, even on sale. No where near top of the line, but lower end scale QUALITY bikes.
While Dan worked for our neighbor Tuesday afternoon, Sam explored routes to work that didn't involve riding their bikes on the highway.
Wednesday morning, Daniel rode the 8 miles to work... well, 8 miles is incorrect. 8 miles as the car drives is closer to 12 miles as the back roads meander! It was gloaming dark at the time Dan left for work. I fretted. (Moms do that!) When I got home, I said I would of felt better if Dan had let me know he arrived safely at work. Sam popped off the remark that I would of heard if he HADN'T made it safely!
Thursday morning, as Sam is preparing to ride to work, I state that it is getting light LATER every day. Sam tells me that he and Daniel have already taken this into consideration.
At work, the phone starts ringing by a few minutes past 7:00 am. This is NOT unusual. I always check to see which line is ringing. Most family calls come in on line 3. Line 1, the general public line, was ringing. The Mind Link said answer. I argued with myself... I didn't answer. Mind Link says "Call home!" I argued... "so they can laugh at me for being concerned over nothing?" I didn't answer the phone.
The phone rang pretty much incessantly until the store opened at 7:30. First call, acting manager calls out to me, "Tammy, LINE ONE!"
Sam was on the phone. "I am relatively OK. Doesn't anyone answer the phones up there?... and, how does one bandage a deepish irregular wound?"
I said I would come home and evaluate. Sam was saying he didn't think it was necessary.
I insisted. I know my boys understated concern!
I got home to a blood drenched Sam laying on the couch, with paper towels pressed to his elbow. He removed the paper towel to reveal a dime sized hole in his arm. Hole is the best term I can come up  with... he was literally missing a chunk of flesh. He has called paramedic in training Ben, who had told him that such wounds usually cannot be stitched, and to clean it and fill with antibiotic ointment.
I said, "Get in the car. This needs to be evaluated by a doctor. You NEED stitches."
Sam attempted to argue. I told him Ben may well be right, but you are still going to see what a doctor has to say.
We drove to the local doctors office. They were full up and overbooked, but once Sam showed his wound, he was a priority walk in. He had at least five internal stitches (Doc lost count) and four external stitches. A gap was left so fluids could drain. A scar was guaranteed. Sam was put off work for at least 10 days. Not only can he not stretch the stitches, but he has deep oozing abrasions surrounding it, as well as deep abrasions in his palms. One CANNOT wash dishes with open wounds.  And he must keep them dry to heal.
By Friday afternoon, Sam was already stir crazy. His bruised and swollen knee had him sleeping on the couch, rather than in this Captain's bed upper bunk. He is faithfully setting his alarm to take his antibiotics. Paula suggested that, since he couldn't work anyway, he come visit her and Ben. Sam took her up on it. He just landed in Snanjlo...

At work today, it occurred to me, Sam could well decide to MOVE to San Angelo. He is a dishwasher. And his binding tie... Daniel... is going away in March. If Sam has an opportunity while on this visit... He may never  come back to the nest.

Dan is already considering moving to San Angelo after the AT trip. He is interested in what Ben is doing with the Fire Department.
Empty nesting... sigh.
Around here, the company Mr C works for is AGAIN downsizing, after a name change earlier this year. The CRJ700's he has been working on are going away in favor of some other aircraft. How hard is God going to have to shake this up to get a move on?
Thanks for reading. Prayers are SO appreciated. Job hunt starts Monday.

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