Thursday, November 6, 2014

The ChangingTapestry

About five years ago, I wrote about how our lives are like a tapestry. Along with those we love, our lives intertwine to make the design we leave behind us.  People are added and new designs are formed. Weddings, births, new friends... all add to the richness of our life tapestry.

Threads break- the loose ends left behind to be woven in to the picture to keep it complete. Holes may be formed in our life tapestry, as in one woven of real thread. The ones formed in cloth may be knotted off. The holes formed in our lives, they are eventually closed up as family and friends move closer to fill the void. I know sometimes the hole remains, it becomes part of the design.

In the time since I last wrote about my life tapestry, so much has happened. Chris going to prison seemed a discordant thread- a blotch, if you will. God has used his time there to change him in many ways. It is no longer a blotch, but is becoming in itself part of the masterpiece of our tapestry. His wife filed for divorce just a few weeks ago. She was ready to knot the threads that bound our tapestries to one another. I know it was hard for her- it was a decision five years in coming. Her pattern stays in our lives- to try to eradicate even a single thread from the woven pattern is futile.
Bill Joe passed on. Roger. Granny. My friend since grade school, Robin. Grandbaby Ellie. The past couple years would be such a painful part to look back on that I would think perhaps, after all, a section of the tapestry should just be removed... But I see that would take away the good parts as well.

Paula became part of our family. Jasher, Grace, and any day now, "Peaches" will join us. In the glaringly painful endings, there were the beautiful beginnings as well.

Yesterday, Bill Joe's wife remarried. I am glad she is happy. I hope that she and the husband will prove to be good parents for granddaughter Nickole.
I am grateful that Jennifer continues to stay interwoven into our family, making sure we have opportunities to see and visit our grandkids.

Thank you for reading.

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