Thursday, November 20, 2014

Off the Grid?...

Tomorrow afternoon, I pick up Connor and Alana. We head to Texas for an entire week, wherein we shall partake of at least TWO enormous Thanksgiving get togethers, back to back. Extended family and friends, lots of food. and hopefully, we will have a new baby by then.
So far, Peaches hasn't put in an appearance.
Dan and Sam have to work all week, so we get to leave Jaffa behind with them.
This dog is so funny. He loves to burrow, and just can't sleep without a blanket. Since the colder weather has set in, we have needed to be extra diligent in making sure all the clean laundry gets put away, or we find our clean garments have been borrowed. Or burrowed. Or both.
This morning when Mr C got up, Jaffa was in a pickle. He had burrowed into one of Sam's clean long sleeved dress shirts that had been left across the back of the couch. He had wriggled his head deep into the sleeve, and couldn't get backed out. He was wandering around looking like some bizarre mutated anteater, bumping into furniture as he tried to give Tom his morning greeting. He had to give up any appearances of innocence regarding his venture into the clean clothes.
Still no call backs from Staffmark. :(
I had big ideas about dragging out the sewing machine and catching up on some projects. I dragged out the machine. And three totes of fabric and craft supplies. And swept the corner where they were stored. Rearranged items stored in the area. Did laundry. Dug through the totes.... and put it all back without sewing a stitch. The laundry room does look better. :)
With all the guys gone to work, I decided on baking something. But then decided not to do that either. I settled for a big batch of caramel corn... I don't know where my motivation has gone lately.

Anyway, I don't know if I will get a chance to blog anything about little Peaches arrival until we return home. I am hoping to take the laptop and will update if I can!
 Be blessed!

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