Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good Morning, all!

I am still not back to work after my Ohio adventure. And by the end of next week, we should be on the road to our Texas fall adventure. (Again, leaving the Individuals at home...)
So far Baby Peaches  hasn't arrived. It is still a few days until the actual due date, and Jasher went beyond his! Dakota turned THREE yesterday... so looks like she isn't sharing her birthday.

Everyone here is in good health.
This past weekend, I was surprised and blessed to hear from Tom's mom's cousin Joan! I mentioned her book in my post regarding our Ohio trip. She was so much fun to talk to, a completely amazing person. I learned a few things about modern publishing that I absolutely did not know. I always imagined that places like Amazon have big warehouses full of books just waiting to be purchased. They don't!
Like Shutterfly (You all know how much I  LOVE  Shutterfly!), books are stored on disks- or maybe even in computer memory- and then printed when you order it! Whoa! That's pretty awesome. (I am sure some of the big authors who write best sellers DO have their books printed and stocked and ready to go out... but for the small time writer- it's nice to know we still have a chance to be read.)
Dan and Sam are on a countdown to the Appalachian Trail hike. Meanwhile, their Ouchita (Wash it aw) Trail hike looms closer- they are working on menu plans for that. Since there is no viable resupply point along that trail- especially in the winter- they are faced with carrying ALL the food they will need for their 16 day journey.
Sam got a refurbished tablet that arrived yesterday. It has been fun playing with it today while he and Daniel are at work!

Today I have a pot of chili cooking in the crockpot. Yesterday, I cooked up a pot of pinto beans- they are in the chili now! A warm, welcome meal to the BRRRRRR weather we are having. When I was talking to Becky earlier, it was 22* here! (Becky got an 8 point buck last night! Remember back three years and a couple of days ago, she got a deer? Then had Dakota the next day.) Too bad I don't have any venison for the chili... but it should taste like summer- with jars of home canned tomatoes and jalapeƱos in it.

I suppose I'd best get back to working on the house- not sitting at the computer all day.
Be blessed!

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