Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hooray, March! (Someone forgot to tell the weather)

March has been three incredibly busy days thus far. We have had two dentist appointments (at different dentists on the same day!) Paid to have our taxes done, been to Lewis and Clark somewhere in the neighborhood of three times (only once in the last 3 days, but three times in the past 7!) Been to Siloam Springs twice, Bentonville/ Rogers 4x. Been to 5 different WalMarts during the course of the last 3 days, the library, and the USPS Passport office. (Daniel and Sam will be passported quite soon, and Tom and I should apply for ours in a couple of months, leaving plenty of time before we go get the twins in Maine. I really want to see Canada, even if it is just barely crossing the border.)

 We had four or five inches of snow -topped with ice- since Friday, and it is at last melted off today, leaving the ground soggy muddy sink to your shoe tops muck. Tomorrow (starting later tonight) we are to get ice, topped with up to 3" of snow before tomorrow night. My worry right now is Dan having to drive to work in the morning.

The boys have everything for their adventure, I am pretty sure. We have made the lists and checked them twice  five or six times. Backpacks have been packed, weighed, unpacked, rearranged, repacked, re-weighed, unpacked, re-rearranged, re-reweighed and unpacked again. I think the only thing we thought of and are currently missing are abominations flip-flops for camp/shower shoes, and the Dr. Bronner's soap, which failed to make its 2-day delivery guarantee. (Weather delays, they say!)

 The twins are only working one of their jobs this week- The Wooden Spoon. We all three work Friday night! Then we head off Saturday. By Monday, the boys will be on the trail. At least THAT weather looks good. While the starting point of the AT on Springer Mountain, Georgia, is currently getting rain, the three days of the forecast we can view for there right now has sunny days in the upper 60's, and nights just down to freezing once (Just checked, and that one night has been revised to 37*). (Yes, they are well equipped for freezing temperatures.) Their first chance of rain is next Thursday, which may well see them overnight in a motel in Hiawassee, GA, as part of their plan at the moment anyway.

So... This week sees Granddaughter Alana reach 12 years old on Thursday. My Dad will (pretend not to have) his birthday Friday. Since he doesn't read my blog, I can say I got him several varieties of chocolate candy, and a bag of coffee. Happy Birthday, Alana (and Dad!)! (Alana got a book of poetry, and a copy of the movie The Princess Bride.)
I have crock pot full of chili at the moment. The twins are off for a last visit to friends, so they can have chili later... or tomorrow. I have the laundry pretty much caught up... until the twins do a final room cleaning before Friday! Dishwasher is empty, but the sink is half full of dishes I figure can wait until after supper. We should be good for hibernation tomorrow and Thursday.

Keep the Appalachian Trail trip in your prayers, thank you for reading!

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