Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pennies from Heaven

I am pretty sure I have mentioned "pennies from Heaven" on here before. Finding a coin in an unexpected place while thinking of a loved one who is no longer "here" is getting a "penny from Heaven. I had two pennies from Heaven last week. The first one was when Tom and I had been driving to the health food store in the new car. It has nice leather interior, rides very comfortably. We got our goods at the store and came back out. Tom unlocked the doors with the remote, and I opened my door. There, on the edge of the seat, was a penny. It was on a sloping side... had it been there earlier, it would of slid DOWN between the back and seat cushion... not UP near the edge. It wasn't there when I got into the car earlier, because I would of noticed as quickly as I did this time.
The next penny, I found in the trunk of my car. Perhaps that wasn't weird or miraculous... but there it was, and I can't figure out a good way it came to be there.
  Today when I got up, there was a 'sticky' note on the computer. Sam needed his forgotten phone. He had called Daniel, and Dan had left me the note. I already had errands to run, so I drove on down to Siloam Springs to take Sam his phone. And so long as I was in Siloam anyway... I stopped by the thrift store. I was looking for some summery clothes... and a replacement carafe for my blender. I didn't find a carafe. I did SCORE on a coffee grinder. We already have a perfectly good grinder. Since starting THM, I have been needing to grind even more seeds and herbs than before. We have always just used the little coffee grinder. I checked Amazon for a "cheap" grinder... but didn't like the reviews. What I didn't see in looking at $10.- $20. grinders was the little one like we already have. So I specifically searched for this brand. *gasp* *choke*. My "inexpensive" (I thought!) grinder STARTED at $89. for a refurbished model. Today, I got one just like it, still in the box! for $4. (I know a deal when it falls on my foot.)
I had picked up a pair of shorts. They LOOKED like they would fit... but how many times have I been burned buying stuff I THOUGHT would fit at a thrift store? I was debating just putting them back (before I found the grinder.) I tried them on... they fit perfectly. And... there was a quarter in one of the pockets. Last time I found money in the pocket of pants at a thrift store was when my eldest two were little, and we found several dollars in a pair of pants we bought for Bill Joe. This quarter is now in my "pennies from Heaven" container.
The weather has cooled back off here. Yesterday, I walked the dog while wearing a short sleeved shirt. (Saw TWO snakes. Nearly stepped on one that was close to 5 foot long, and the dog DID step on a small one.) Today, I shivered my way along in mittens and my coat!
Looks like a weather roller coaster for the next 10 days. Some nights into the lowest 30's, and some days in the upper 70's. Wheee!
Have a blessed day. Thank you for reading!

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