Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Making plans and counting down days...

It looks like we have the OK for Nickole to come visit this summer. Until she is actually here, I am hesitant to spend non-refundable fees on classes, so I am sure hoping there are still openings when she does come visit.
I am supposed to pick her up once school is out, towards the end of the month... about two weeks from now. I was forewarned I will be needing to update her wardrobe, as she has been on a growth spurt lately. :) That is OK.
In another week(ish) I will head down to Texas for a whirlwind visit with as many of my kids as I can manage to see. I should only be gone about 5 nights- and putting in about 1800 miles during that time.
It will be the first chance to test out the old Lincoln on a road trip. Tom will have new tires put on it sometime before I go.

Speaking of road trips, I went over towards Claremore last night, and saw Alana in her band concert. She also sang in the choir. She was awarded a plaque for "Most Improved Musician". Good for you, Alana!

Connor was there as well. He has officially become Taller than CowGranny!
I told these two last night, even with Nickole here, they (and any other grandkids) are still welcome to come visit us this summer.

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