Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fun at CowGranny's continues...

We picked Tyrel up from his cousins' house Saturday evening, after Jennifer was so kind as to get him from Becky when she picked up Connor and Alana.
Do you know what you get when you mix an only child with an eldest child?

We missed Frisby golf at the park this morning, in favor of accompanying Umpaw on the grocery shopping. Once we get lunch cleaned up, we are probably going swimming. If Umpaw wants to go along, it will be at the creek. If not, I will take the kids to the local pool. We have done a couple of the parks with Tyrel. It has just been so hot, the kids have been indoors quite a bit. Even Jaffa has been eager to get his walks over with, and get back out of the heat.

We did another demonstration today of the proper use of a handy little device known as a "light switch".  I may of gotten an eye roll from Tyrel. Keeping the two of them on track without too much bickering has been fun. I have now imposed a forbidden phrase. "Not Fair" is not to be uttered to me, or even within my hearing.

Well, so much for swimming.... Tyrel forgot his suit. The pool doesn't allow cut offs, and Umpaw doesn't feel like going. (He has been sick for several days.)

I got started on this post yesterday. We made a quick trip to the local Dollar General, and got the last swim suit anywhere near Tyrel's size.  He changed in the pool dressing room. I was at the point of going in and checking on him, when he finally appeared. (I had cracked open the door and called out to him.) We spent about 45 minutes swimming. I "time" our outings by keeping a close eye on Nickole. When she starts to look a tiny bit pink, we call it a day. She has such a fair complexion that it would be too easy to burn her to a crisp. As it is, she is freckling up nicely.

Today is housekeeping and errands. Sam asked me to put his check into the bank for him today. I told him to leave me a "sticky note" on the computer. (It is the handiest "ap"- minor notes to one another in a place everyone is sure to see!)
I heard much laughter this morning, and Sam calls out to me, "That sticky note is NOT the one I left you! SOMEONE has been messing with it!" (He glared at Daniel. Though he was trying not to laugh, so it wasn't a baleful glare.) Here is the note:
Mom could you, if you could, deposit my check in the bank, in my Bank account, split between my checking and savings account, at the bank, if you could please?
~ your favorite goat, Sam

Yesterday's grocery list was supposed to contain things we are out of. One item stood out: "Teenagers".
Yes, we are fresh out of teenagers.  Friday marked the end of the teens in our home. Guess we will only have visits from teens from now on. Umpaw suggested we persuade Alana to come stay, so that we DO have a teen in the house. 
We didn't have a party. I was at work at the Wooden Spoon. Tom was pretty sick, and didn't feel like going out. Dan and Sam did come in to the Spoon to have supper. Their birthday gifts failed to arrive on time... I am quite disappointed that Amazon Prime has failed us on such a regular basis lately. 
   Our next birthday coming up is Jasher's.
Our little Jasher Adonijah Coder... the firstborn CODER grandchild! Will be three years old on Friday. His birthday gift had plenty of time to arrive... and Amazon Prime got it there in record speed. Jasher is very happy with his Fireman Sam firehouse. (Uncle Buck disputes Tom's claim to firstborn CODER grandchild. He says that is Leigha Mae.) (Both have valid points regarding the title!)

Both the kids are up now...  Tyrel having been long arisen and is dressed and breakfasted. Nickole was roused and is consuming her breakfast, so that we may get Jaffa walked before the heat of the day sets in. Hope YOUR day is blessed!

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