Thursday, June 16, 2016

Why am I so tired? Low key stress maybe...

Thankfully, not EVERY meal is an ordeal. Tuesday, I mistakenly believed that a bologna sandwich was the same as a hot dog. Hot dogs are readily consumed, so a bologna sandwich should be eagerly eaten by a hungry child, right?
Not So Much.
There was less struggle than usual to get her to TASTE the sandwich... then she readily consumed the bologna. Her verdict, "Your bologna is way better than my Poppys!" But it was served on multi-grain bread. 11 whole grains, which made occasional appearances as actual grain. CowGranny was NOT HAPPY to find the bread torn to bits and thrown all over the kitchen floor. The dog had not been in to find it, which had apparently been the intention.
Nickole cried like I was beating her when I made her clean it up. I only spoke sternly to her that it had better not EVER happen again, and I had no delusions that it was "an accident".

We have been feeding her for three weeks now, and she hasn't died of eating poisonous vegetables.
We have been exercising more than Nickole is accustomed to...  walking the dog daily- sometimes as far as three miles. Swimming, playing on the playground. *I* am getting a tan, having been spending so much more time out of doors, and actually NOT wearing jeans. Except during the hottest weather, I normally do NOT wear shorts. This summer has been quite different.
Tuesday we had "tennis lessons" in the park. There was a tennis pro from Bella Vista who came and instructed the kids. Monday was swimming at the pool. Wednesday is upon me, and I have nothing planned. This is house keeping day, but after that?
Nickole says she has never seen anyone clean house. (It is likely done while she is away at school.) She is learning that floors have to be picked up and swept and mopped, or vacuumed. Today I scrubbed both bathrooms, having to explain WHAT I was doing, and WHY. (As I recall, I was about 8 when I started washing dishes, and about 9 when I was shown how to clean a bathroom. I thought it was tremendous fun. My attempt at cleaning it on my own, to *help* was how I ended up with the skin scalded off both my feet when I was 8.)
All the kids have been given minor chores while they visit.  Nickole puts away the silverware and makes her bed. She folds her own clothes VERY NEATLY and organizes them and puts them away. I didn't show her how to fold clothes, except for socks. She was puzzled at how to make them 'stick together' in pairs.
Nickole told me she loves to organize things, and likes things all neat and clean around her. She asked me why I thought she might like things all sorted and organized. I gave her my opinion. She has very few things around her that she has complete control over. She CAN control her clothes and toys, in the way they are put together and stored. So she enjoys making things look nice. That's MY opinion.
May you have a blessed day. Thanks for reading!

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