Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sum, Sum, Summertime!

We picked up Alana last week. Today we added Connor to the mix. The girls have had tea parties, played with Barbie dolls and doll babies. The box from my new washing machine has made quite a fun playhouse.
(I did mention I got a new washing machine, didn't I? I am tickled pink with yellow polka dots about it. The electronic 'brain' of the old machine went out.)
The box has been playhouse, dressing room, pet shop, grocery store... a wonderfully fun toy that came 'free' with the new machine.

Alana was added to the visiting grandkids last week. It changed the dynamics considerably. Both little girls want to be her 'best friend' and exclude the other. :( *sad face* With Connor's arrival, Alana has paid more attention to him than the littler girls, who have had to resort to playing nicely together again.

Last week we tried making strawberry jam. We ended up with strawberry syrup... which just might be more versatile than jam! We have used it on ice cream and in cereal.

The girls and I still haven't made our doll clothes. I was thinking today would be a good day for that... but today is also the 'coolest' day this week. Temperature is supposed to be only 83*. The rest of the week we near 90* So this just might be a good day for some outdoor activity.

Yesterday was activity day with the summer reading program. We met at the park to watch a barrel racing demonstration. The girls got to meet the horse. (I think his name was Rowdy.) We went to the pool for awhile in the afternoon. Day before yesterday, we went to a swimming area at a dammed creek in the area. (Stop laughing, Becky!) Our Kimber the fearless pretty much stayed knee deep... while Nickole was out deep enough to float her life jacket!

So far, I haven't gotten many pictures of Connor. But here are more of the girls since the last batch was posted. Have a blessed day!

This really captures our day. Sam, dressed in his new clothes for the upcoming wedding of a friend. Dan, helping Kimber walk on the ceiling. Tom stretched out on the couch. (Alana and Nickole were clearing up after the tea party.)

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