Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Gusts of Auuuugh!

August continues. It has been a trying month,  a slow month. I keep thinking it is half over, and we aren't yet a third of the way into it.
My mom's cousin Ruth's grand daughter passed away. She wasn't yet 30 years old. I'm not sure how the second/ third cousins and once/ twice / thrice removed actually works out. Amanda was a sweet young woman whose life saw too much personal tragedy. I learned a day or two ago that a long time friend (acquaintance) from when I was growing up, passed away. Renee (Norwood) Stovall was my sister Lalani's best friend all during Jr. high, even after we were moved from Peaster. Renee and I reconnected about four years ago. She died of a brain aneurysm. Now, my friend Cindi is in hospice care. I went to see her today, and will try to be a better friend in her remaining days.
The two houses we went to see from my last blog, have both already sold. Yes, even the one with the unintentional indoor waterfall. Seems we need only go and LOOK at a house with a realtor, in order for it to sell. Tom and I both liked one we looked at yesterday. It is a mobile home, but does have outbuildings and a storm shelter.
The house is back to chaos after our weekend. I haven't cleaned much today, after having driven over to the hospice and gone to the grocery store, and a few other errands. I have 'from scratch' spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove top.Still need to make a salad and such.
I MIGHT ride along to Texas with Daniel, when he travels down for the Jones' / Coder Trek. (The annual  Zesch Trek had to divide into two groups. The second one consists primarily of Coder's and Jones'.) Anyway, Dan needed a navigator. I figured I can ride down with him, and fly back. I can even park at the airport... unless they changed their free parking policy in San Angelo. I can return the following weekend, and ride back with him. :) (Since Dan is my regular go-to person to cover the job when I need off work, I have to come back!)
I will get to see my Mom (I hope) Saturday when I travel to central Arkansas for Amanda's funeral.
The garden is beginning to produce a goodly amount of tomatoes, and quite a few peppers. I MAY even have a couple of bell peppers successfully ripen on the plant! We pretty well have to bring all the tomatoes in as they start to turn, as the bunnies and birds and bugs like them all nice and ripe. My window sill remains full... and I make lots of fresh salsa. This year's pepper crop- plain jalapenos- with no HOT hot peppers to cross pollinate with... are VERY hot. In a gallon sized batch of salsa, two jalapenos is enough. Three is too many. (One is plenty for me!) The guys say these are too hot for poppers. I made some jelly anyway!
Have a blessed evening. I need to go stir my spaghetti sauce.

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