Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Still not standing on the rug... but I may have a toe or two gripping it!

How many times since we moved from our house in Central High, Oklahoma, have we been "fixing to" buy a house? I used to post and revel in each one. Time after time, one thing after another- the rug got pulled from under me. We continued to rent. It has been twelve and a half years since we moved from our home in Central High. It was my very first home to own.
So very much life (and death) has happened. I now have eight and three quarters more grand babies than I had back then. My jobs have come and gone. We (almost?) moved to Ohio. All my kids are out of school (out of homeschool, anyway) if not out of the nest. Tom has retirement thoughts starting to creep into his mind.
The house we rented in the Decatur countryside for more than ten years was sold, and we had to move to a leased house, as we didn't find the *right* place in the allotted time between the Decatur rental selling and our enforced moving date. Tom said we would begin looking seriously for a place to buy, come  August, when we moved to Gravette. True to his word, he started seriously looking.
And we found a place. Beyond what *I* had imagined, property wise. The house is *just* a double wide mobile home, 30 years old. However, it is in immaculate condition. It was "over built", with extra insulation and 2x6 walls. Located on 30 acres, across the state line into Oklahoma. The location has quite a number of advantages. For one thing, the tax rate is about 1/10th what a similar place would be in Benton county, AR. It has a buried storm shelter, poured in place. (As opposed to being a pre-built unit buried in the ground.) The acreage is heavily wooded. Which I could translate to actuality: 29.5 acres of trees that have NEVER been harvested. Oak, hickory, walnut, pecan, and many more.
I still hardly dare to hope we are closing on this deal. Everything is going along PERFECTLY. The place came onto the market as we began looking. The home loan has been approved, the inspection didn't reveal any major flaws. The property has been in the seller's family for generations. I am optimistic about it. The banker said we may be able to close by the first week of October.
 Still, I am not standing on the rug. Not investing my hopes in it just yet.
Keep us in your prayers!

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