Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Nice weather we're having...

The weather guesser for the primary local station in this area says we won't even hit the 90's in his 'foreseeable future'. While days have been much cooler, we have still turned on the air most nights, as it is a damp, sticky 'cool', which made sleep difficult. It has been quite lovely in the mornings though.
   Sam is back to school this week, his second year as an electrical princess. (Electricians apprentice.) Tommy (Stephen!) also went back to school this week, at Christ For The Nations International. This is his third year, I believe. He worked full time over the summer, plus was involved in six weeks of Children's Camp ministries, (one in Mexico).
Dan is working hard in landscaping, as yet undecided about which path his future will take. He is currently considering being an adventurer as a career. He leaves for his annual Trek to the mountains in New Mexico this weekend, and has the cross country bike ride planned for next summer.
I will probably ride down with him this weekend, to assist in navigation. Fly back Sunday, then fly back down next weekend to assist on the drive home. Not that he couldn't do it on his own, mind you. But it gives me a brief chance to see the other kids,and grandkids, if only for a few hours. Mr C and Samwell can hold down the fort without me for a few days.
The Taylor Family Reunion is right around the corner! End of September, last Saturday of the month. In Broken Bow, as always.
Then a couple of weeks later, The First Ever Coder / Jones Family Vacation is planned. Dan and Sam won't get to come along, nor Tommy. But Becky and Stephen, and Ben and Paula, as well as half a dozen grandkids are headed to Ohio for a week.
It is shaping up to be a very busy October. (There is more going on that I am unable to share at this time.)
So, have a blessed day.

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