Wednesday, November 2, 2016

It' done! We are Home owners!

Not that we are quite done moving yet. One snag after another. We did close on the 10th, with great reluctance and much pushing from the realtors. The sellers were not out yet. They cleared the house, and had the well house (with locking storage and electricity) almost cleared by the time we did the "final walk through". They were going to need extra time to clear the outbuildings. We said we could give them a few days.
They were down to a few piles in the yard when we left Monday night, as far as stuff from the house went. We went back to the leased house after cleaning on the new place. Tuesday, Tom decided to go ahead and take the day off and MOVE! He rented a UHaul, something I had not wanted to do. Too much, too fast! The Uhaul was loaded with the big stuff, including the deep freezer and the refrigerator. To load a full freezer, it has to be emptied out. then moved to the truck. then refilled. then transported. And emptied, then moved from the truck. Then re-filled.
So we get the Uhaul to the new place. Those piles of stuff they had left in the yard? Now piled into the well house. They had promised to return "Wednesday or Thursday" for the rest of their stuff. Our options were to take the stuff we needed to put into the well house back to the leased house and unload the Uhaul there, or make do at the new place. I ended up with Tom's mechanics tool box in my front room, the air compressor in the bedroom... the freezer and fridge on extension cords on the covered front porch.
The sellers were no shows on Wednesday and Thursday. Late Thursday evening, we got a relayed call: They called their realtor, who called our realtor, who called us... they would be here bright and early the next morning (Friday the 14th.) We had planned to leave for Ohio Friday morning, but Tom was uncomfortable in leaving the place unattended. We waited. Tom grew more and more fretful. A text from DIL Paula helped... reminding us these people had so much stuff of their own to move, our stuff should not be endangered. About 2pm, with the sellers once again not showing up as promised, we headed to Ohio.
Vacation there is a post unto itself. Hopefully soon!
We got a call from Sam about 5:45 PM. He had just arrived at the new house after work, to let the dog out. The sellers showed up right behind him. They dropped off a Uhaul and left again. They returned Saturday morning... and instead of clearing out any of the THREE outdoor storage areas, they filled the Uhaul with yard stuff. Promising again to return before the week was out, they left us with locked storage units we couldn't use. We returned on the 23rd. They still had not been back.
They finally showed up on the 28th. They didn't bring a Uhaul, but a flatbed trailer. After every centimeter was full... they left the rest to us. (Last minute tearing a built in shelf off the outside wall of the shed!!!) We had three loads (so far) for the dump, and two to a thrift store. We have another of thrift stuff and another of trash/ hazardous chemical waste still to dispose of. But they are out, and we can finish moving in.
We have a "hotspot" prepaid device for internet. Very spotty service. The satellite internet had a 2 year contract- and the electric company will be offering fiber optic services in about 5 months. They start construction in our neighborhood on Jan. 12, and expect services within 120 days.... at half the price of satellite for twice the data limits.
My root canal hasn't quite happened. The odontist took off the temporary crown, cleaned out the cavity, and worried over the massive dormant infection of the bone around the root. She told me to TAKE the antibiotics which the dentist had issued to use "if needed". She disinfected the tooth, packed it with more antibiotic stuff, and re-set my appointment for the 15th of November. I have a couple more days of antibiotics left.
I will post more when I have some time. This move is really sapping my energy!

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