Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Howdy, Friends

We are completely out of the Magnolia House! Keys turned in, utilities off. Those weirdo owners of the Magnolia house declined to even meet us for a final walk through. Had us drop the keys off!
However, it looks as good as it could possibly look- certainly a sight better than when we got it.
   The boxes of stuff remain to be unloaded here. I have been trying to do SOME every day... but failed miserably today to empty even one. Today, I ran errands and bought groceries. I hope I am not coming down with the miseries- Tom has been sick. I grumped at him when he repeatedly sneezed all over the kitchen, without even TRYING to cover his face. Yesterday, I didn't leave the property at all, and got the bedroom at least to a point one can walk in and feel able to sleep. Piles of "stuff" everywhere is just NOT relaxing. I admit, I will need to re-arrange the closet at a later date... but the stuff is out of sight!
  So far, our Thanksgiving plans look like this:
1) We are NOT going ANYWHERE
2) Tom mentioned deer hunting
3) Sam mentioned we should order a goose from Fresh Market.
4) Tom mentioned we need to invite Connor and Alana over for a few days.
5) My Mom and Ralph may come up the weekend/ day after Thanksgiving

As to accomplishing  any of the above:
1) a) In order to not go anywhere, I need to make no advance preparations
2) a) Deer corn has been set out
2) b) Mention made of needing a deer license. This will require:
2) b) 1) Getting Oklahoma driver's license
2) b) 2) Hunters ed. class for Dan and Sam
2) c) Sighting in of firearms
2) d) Clearing of firing lanes
3) No one has called Fresh Market at this point
4) I have not contacted Jennifer for requesting Connor and Alana to visit

I did pick up a few little Thanksgiving type items. Pickles, olives, a cheater bag of stuffing, some fresh sweet potatoes, pie crusts. So far, all the turkeys I have seen are more than I want to pay per pound. I guess I can say a temporary goodbye to a diet... I got little Andes creme de menthe chips to bake into some cookies!
I hope to get some pictures taken of the new place, and then be able to upload them! The little "hot spot" isn't so hot for internet. It uses data like crazy, So I am resigned to much less online time for a few months. (I am writing this offline, and will attempt to connect to publish!)

Thank you all for your prayers.

A sad note: Grand daughter Nickole's other Grammy, Lynn Harris, passed away last week. Services are still pending. Until she got sick, Lynn kept me posted on Nickole's antics.


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