Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Rainy Day

It is currently pouring rain. We are ahead of a cold front, so it is fairly warm out- 67*. Several miles to the north, they are experiencing freezing rain, so I am glad it is warm here. The weather guessers say we could accumulate more than 3" before the week is over, and we are on flood watch.
Everyone here is feeling much better, but regaining our strength has been slow. It hasn't helped that I've been in a miserable arthritis flare for almost a week. I should have given more thought to my diet. I KNOW that flour (probably the gluten) tends to flare the arthritis. Since we have been doing the THM (Trim Healthy Mama) diet, I have really not been strictly avoiding the flour. I HAVE been using sprouted grain flour, and low carb bread options. While sick, almost all I ate was dry toast made from sprouted grain bread. I at a tortilla, a piece of regular old pizza with white flour crust, and an eggroll. I had a BLT on a flatbread.... and- FLARE! The listed items were not all at once, they were spread over a week, so it is cumulative. It hasn't helped that I haven't taken my supplements at all since getting sick. Time to get back on the GF wagon.
Today is the Mennonite School blood drive. I have been donating a couple of years now. As O-, I am a "universal donor", and the blood bank always calls to remind me to donate. Maybe tonight's donation will spur my body to finally get off the weight plateau it has stuck on for the last few months. I am pleased that, while my weight has stayed just the same, I HAVE lost size. I got a thrift store skirt to wear to work. I tried it on before I bought it- and I HAVE worn it to work! It is a FITTED size 10- no elastic in it at all. It isn't my favorite skirt- you know how lazy I can be! It it cotton and has to be ironed. But I suppose that is OK, as my other skirts are falling off, despite taking in the elastic.
Dan is off work due to the rain. We are "fixing to" go to town. I need to return library books, and he is getting ingredients to make eggrolls. He and Sam are going to Sam's boss' house to cook eggrolls for them. It's a shame- our home made eggrolls will spoil them to the bland ones a person gets in restaurants.
Dan leaves for the next round of SAFD testing on Friday. The test is Saturday, Physical Agility. It is pass/ fail, and doesn't change ones ranking (Dan is #22) unless someone of a higher ranking fails the test. Since he has to leave early Friday morning, I won't get to ride along. (Friday is my regular work day!)
Have a blessed day, Thank you for keeping up with us!
Althea, Grace, and Jasher

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