Wednesday, January 18, 2012

High Hopes

I had such high hopes for today. I called yesterday my "trip recovery day", and basically accomplished very little. I DID go speak to my former boss at O'Reilly's... and he spoke to HIS boss. They agree that I have a 99.9% chance of being rehired.... but not until after the annual budget meeting. The budget meeting is next Thursday.
So I have at least another week off work!
Now it is almost 2:00 pm. So far I have had a cup of hot tea, and a hamburger patty (naked and unadorned) .(The hamburger patty, not me. I was fully clothed at the time.... sheesh!)
I got one load of clothes on to wash. Oops... I just realized I left them soaking. OK.
 NOW I have gotten a load of clothes on to wash.
But that is about it. I was distracted by a coupon from Shutterfly. I got $20 off of any one order. So I made myself a photo book. I considered giving the book to someone else... but then selfishly decided to keep it for ME. (Sorry Mom/ Dad/ Becky/ Kathie/ Chris/ Ben and Paula).
Dad has a birthday coming up. If I had had more time, as well as pictures of Paula growing up, I would of put together a book for them. But since today was the last day my coupon was good... I made the book for myself. So there!
I intended to unpack some boxes today. I even brought one in and dug out a birthday card for my BIL Bob, whose birthday is Monday. I filled out the card... then missed the postman. So I can't even list mailing cards out as an accomplishment for today.
Tomorrow, the guy is supposed to FINALLY come and fix our oven. Hooray for being able to bake things!
I suppose if I just got up from in front of the computer and got started, I could get something accomplished today.
May your day be blessed with both large and small accomplishments, as well as a full measure of joy!

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