Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Year is Gathering Speed...

When 2012 first dawned... I had absolutely no plans of any kind for the entire year. There were no babies due on my watch, no weddings, no vacations, parties, or plans of any kind.

I decided that before I began work again at O'Reilly's, I would make a quick trip to Texas to see the family. I saw Dad, Mom, Granny, Ben and Tommy, Becky, and Chris. On the way back to Arkansas, I went through Oklahoma and saw Bill Joe. I did 1,900 miles in one week.

And while I was in Texas, Benjamin got engaged! So I added a wedding to my plans for the year. Then, just a few days ago, I realized that this year marks a big birthday for my Dad... his 75th.  Party plans for him commenced. (It is a SURPRISE, so don't go calling him and saying anything!) You can send me cards and video greetings, as well as pictures of yourself and your family, and I will give him all these things at the party.
If you choose to send him a gift, may I suggest a gift card to Barnes and Noble? He loves to read! Or perhaps a little hand held game that one might use to entertain ones self on a car trip (Or while "taking care of business" in the throne room!) You may email me at cowmomba@hotmail.com for further details.
I plan to have a photo album of friends and family compiled, so please send pictures in plenty of time. If you email pictures, I will have them printed out.

Next thing that has cropped up on my year schedule: The Heart of Motherhood Women's Retreat this weekend. Becky has paid my way, since I am not working. (The O'Reilly job didn't happen. The store was unable to hire ANYONE until later this spring.)
Mr. C suggested we tighten our financial belts and try to make ends meet without me finding an immediate job. This will allow me some time to help with planning the party for Dad, the rehearsal dinner for Ben's wedding, focus more on school lessons for Daniel and Sam.
So I appreciate the opportunity to get to attend this retreat. I know I will be blessed.
I fly to 'Snanjelo' on Thursday morning, where Becky or someone will pick me 'ump'.

I am thinking that maybe I can sew some dresses for the granddaughters... perhaps co-ordinating outfits for the wedding? Start with the littlest girls and work my way up... improve my sewing "skills" (or lack thereof) before tackling the more discriminating girls' dresses.
I need to lose at least ten lbs. to fit into my existing dress of choice for the wedding. Tom says I can get a new dress. I just happen to love this particular dress. (The dress I wore to my Granny's 90th birthday party.) I will keep looking for a dress I like in my current size, while trying to lose the weight!

I mustn't lose track of Tommy and Bill both having birthdays the week of the wedding.

Sure looks like 2012 is getting busier by the week!

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