Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another week gone by

This past week held its own brand of crazy.
My DIL is in need of prayers. She has told me that I was a lousy mother to Bill, and why would she think I could be a good grandmother to her daughter? And I will not be able to have any further contact to her daughter.
This is resulting from what she is terming "all my crap", as she is publically calling it on the new facebook page she created in Bill's name.
 My "crap" is:
 1) Requesting that Facebook memorialize Bill's facebook page.
 2) using a word she perceived as offensive. The word was "disconcerting". ( She might also be counting my emailing a friend of hers to inquire as to why I was publically attacked for use of the offensive word, as among my "crap".)

God had showed me that I needed to be praying for my DIL even before she decided that I am an unworthy grandparent. So I have continued to pray for her.

I probably am not the world's best Granny. I'm strict. I tend not to spoil the grandkids or give in to their whining. I do like to make my time with the grandkids fun, but I don't hestitate to send them to bed for fighting. I don't try to occupy every minute of the time we have together... kids need some down time, and need to figure out how to entertain themselves. Telling me, "I'm Booooored" will probably get you a chore to do. Fit throwing, refusing to eat the meal set in front of you will get you sent to bed. (And I will save yiour food for you for when you get hungry enough to eat it.)

Please take a moment to pray for God to help my DIL deal with her grief. I pray that my granddaughter be sheilded and protected, and for God to do what is in the best interest of this little girl.

Have a blessed day. Thank you for reading.

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