Tuesday, May 29, 2012

High Centered

We are still chugging along here, days running into days. It is hard to believe that we are almost into June... The twins are going to be 16 in a few short weeks. (May I recommend gift certificates to either Amazon  or Think Geek to those who might be wondering what to get these fine young men?)
I am not certain I mentioned that Daniel got a job a couple of months ago. He began working for a local family owned restaurant called The Wooden Spoon, in Gentry. He started as a dishwasher. He loves the job and the owners speak very highly of him. This past week, he was promoted to their Friday night fish fryer. Needing a new dishwasher on Friday's to replace Dan... they asked if Samuel was interested. Sam took the job! So both boys are now employed on a very part time basis.
 We have yet to decide on when we may be going to Ohio for vacation this year. Mr C has already used two weeks of his vacation up! (Having been with American eagle for more than 20 years, he does still have some vacation time left!)
I am supposed to go to Texas and retrieve Alana from her Uncle Becky's house later in June. I was hoping to get to go to a school reunion with my brothers, with other people who went to Peaster. Not so certain I will get to do that. Not even really sure I WANT to, at the moment.
It just seems like nothing much matters any more. I don't care whether we move or not. I don't care if we get our own home. Here, there, wherever. I am thinking it is probably a spot in the grieving process. Mr. C is being really sweet and patient with me.
This past week (yesterday in fact!, May 28th) saw Ben and Paula's one month anniversary, Becky and Stephen's 7th anniversary, and my next younger brother Ricky (Eric)'s 50th birthday. Best wishes for all of them, and many more to come!
Signing off from the library; Have a blessed week and thank you for reading!
Your continued prayers are appreciated.

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