Friday, May 11, 2012


Yesterday was two months since Bill has passed on. So far, I am up to four non-consecutive days that I haven't broken down and cried. Some of the silliest stuff sets me off. Daniel brought me in a thistle. I remembered Bill, age three, seeing a thistle and he just had to pick it for me... so I let him.
Mean mommy!
Earlier this week, I learned my step-grand daughter Jade was missing. All the info I had was from facebook, and the consensus said she was a runaway. No Amber alerts issued, no face on the local news. The numbers that friends had for her mother were no longer good phone numbers. So we did all we could do, which was to pray.
Last night, Jade returned safely. She had been gone for four and a half days. Prayers answered. We have no more word on why, where, or who she was with than we did while she was missing. Just praise God that she is safe.
Hug someone you love.

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