Monday, February 11, 2013

Cello-less.... for now.

Sam purchased new strings for his new cello. High grade strings, on sale for half price at "only" $48.95 One of these strings broke within three days. It was rubbong against the inside of the scroll... as did the original strings. We felt something was wrong... and saw a 3:4 sized cello at a music store. Its 'nut' was shaped somewhat differently than the one on Sam's cello.
Today we drove down to Fayetteville to the physical store chain location. Turned out they had NO cellos on the property, and not one person who knew anything about them.
The first clerk we spoke to suggested we could probably have it repaired at a reputable shop he could tell us about. That did not sit well with me at all. I told him, We purchased this through your store, brand new... and you are telling me to take it elsewhere for REPAIR, at my expense? He decided to call management over. Management was much more helpful. Apparently, the Guitar Store has only recently begun selling orchestral instruments, and only online. He and Sam discussed things for awhile... one of his suggestions was to take the cello for evaluation at a rival music store that dealt primarily in orchestral instruments... and then if it was a lemon, he would swap it or refund. Or he would gladly refund us on the spot. We took the refund, and then drove to the other music store.
Sam looked at two other cellos. Neither of them had the oddly formed 'nut'. Both had pronounced string guide grooves instead of the mere hints of  guide grooves on the returned cello.
Sam also looked at violas and at violins. He is taking a few days to decide just what he wants to do. A decent used cello is another $300 above what he has already invested. A viola about the amount he already has refunded, and a violin slightly less.
He also mentioned maybe he should investigate bagpipes....

Last night he gave me a laugh. He said, "Everyone wants to hear bagpipes. Once. Briefly."

So... that's all for the moment. Driving (RIDING) to Fayetteville with noob drivers/ drivers in training has left me with a sore knee and a headache. (The sore knee is from the pressure of standing hard on my invisible brake on the passenger side of the car.)

Prayer request of the day: Christianne, daughter of my good friend Angie, has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. Pray for her healing and against depression in relation to the diagnosis. (Christianne is six months older than my Chris. Angie and I have been friends since Christianne was four.)

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