Friday, February 22, 2013

Spring is in the air?....

If it is in the air, it's going to drift down to rest on top of the ice and such here.
Thankfully, most of the bad weather missed us. We did get ice enough to skate right off the porch, if one were not careful. And maybe we DO need some sturdier trimmers, since my nippers can't prune the thick, thorny rose bush that has encroached on the porch railing. In reaching out to catch ones self from coasting off the steps, one might get a handful of thorns instead. (Sorry Mr C!)

The roads were driveable, and I went to work. Where spring became more apparent.
The annual influx of lawnmower batteries arrived. 160 lawnmower batteries of various weights and strengths, stacked forty to the layer on the pallet. The batteries have to be checked in.... removed from the pallet to the trolley I use to transport them to their shelves. Once reaching the shelves, the older batteries have to be taken down so that these new batteries can go behind them. (FIFO/ First In, First Out).  Each battery is handled at least twice during receiving... once to put it on the trolley, once to put it on the shelf. I handled close to 400 batteries yesterday. "I'm an old lady" became apparent before the morning was over... my lower back was screaming! (I do use a back support brace at work!) In fairness, I bet many a teen boy would of felt the workout himself!

This past weekend, my Dad's cousin's wife passed away. I always called her my Aunt Thelma, though we would of been something like second cousins, or first cousins once removed, or some such. I had intended to go to her funeral today, but the weather was much worse going across the state. I really couldn't make the four hour drive (in good conditions) there and four back on a day/ night where I  have to be at work the next morning. It would of easily been after 10 before I got home tonite.

Please lift the Knoles family in prayers.
Thank you for reading!

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