Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Skreeee skwwwaaaaa skwuuuuuuuhhhh

The cello arrived Friday after the boys had both gone to work. Sam spent time after they got home setting it up, and tried quietly to produce some wonderful sounds from it early Saturday morning. Trouble is, Cellos are NOT quiet. Even played softly, they resonate throughout the house.

Sam has been practicing some 6+ hours a day. He is beginning to get some sounds out of it that I can actually recognise as notes, as he does the scales. He is anxious to get lessons set up.

Dan was inspired by Sam's owning his very own cello, to go ahead and order a guitar over the weekend. I expect delivery tomorrow. Dan has been practicing for several months on Mr C's guitar, and actually sounds pretty good.

I did finally hear from O'Reilly's this morning. I go in this afternoon to complete paperwork, and in a few days should begin retraining. Looks like I'm (almost) officially back to work. At the moment, we are at the library. The boys may have to put volunteering on hold, for at least awhile, until we get a look at my schedule. On the other hand, they DO drive. So far they just haven't driven to the bigger town of Bentonville, without me along. Dan did drive to the grocery store while we were in Ft Worth last month... so they should do fine if they do come to B'ville without me.

Please be praying for a member of our family. It is Toby Silvers. Toby is married to my mom's cousin Barbara. The kids and I know Toby from the Taylor family reunions. He was diagnosed with a cancer recently, and has elected not to go through the drastic treatments. I understand they would only prolong his life a short time. Toby took right up with the twins  individuals the first time we went to one of the Taylor reunions. This last year, Tyrel took right up with Toby.
Another prayer request, from my Dad's side of the family: Kathie's cousin Judy had a heart transplant a few days ago. Please pray for her body to accept the heart, and please pray for the donor's family to be comforted in their loss.

The Parker children (Joshua and Bethany) continue to hold their own, with gradual declines in their overall health. Kate sends Thanks for all the prayers for them. Wesley Morrow is improving, Thank you for praying for him as well.

Have a blessed day! Thank you for reading!

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