Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cluttered thinking...

I have been looking around me and not liking what I am seeing. I have too much stuff. And so much of it is sentimental 'collections' of  various types. I have trouble letting go of things that remind me of others.
I have my Granny's little ceramic bear collection. And her ceramic chickens.  How many of my relatives even remember granny collected salt and pepper shakers and chickens before the bears?

I have a few ceramic items that I grew up with, that were my Mom's Mom's.  Old books, and candles, and toys that belonged to the kids. My cookie jar collection. a zillion cow collectibles. (Please, do NOT give me a cow, or a cookie jar, or a cow cookie jar. I am trying to curb this hoarding!)
My Mom has elephants of all shapes and sizes. And teapots. Mom Kathie has basset collectibles, as well as hand painted porcelain from her Aunt, and a salt and pepper shaker collection I really admire.
 Someday, when I pass on, someone has to go through all this STUFF. Will it matter to them that this little set of bears belonged to a great great great grandma they never even met?

As much as I would like to, I can't hold on to everything. I need to let things go. And I don't know that I CAN yet.

I was thinking today that holding on to stuff, binding myself to the past, keeps me from moving forward. What has God got for me in the future, when I am ready to let go of the past?

The present- the gift of today!- how much of the gift of each day is spent- or needs to be spent- caring for the past? Dusting little knick knacks and remembering the people they belonged to. Maybe I should chose ONE thing from each person, and pass the rest to those who want them. And then sell what is leftover.

The very thought of it hurts my heart.
But I know I cannot keep EVERYTHING. I am a hoarder waiting to happen.

I get attached to ROCKS, for- crying- in- the- sink.

So, family, if there is anything of granny's/ great granny's that you would like for yourself, or your kids, please let me know. If you are interested, I can send pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I know the feeling, I am the sameway.....take pictures of everything, keep a few things and then let the rest go. It is refreshing when you let go of the past, (hold onto the good memories) and let God you into new beginnings. I got rid of the last thing from my past recently and it was bitter sweet. But I felt such a relief, I could finally have that fresh new beginning. Love you