Thursday, January 22, 2015


Just before bedtime a couple of nights ago, a car pulled into the driveway... and then parked around the end of the house. That is NOT normal behavior of someone just stopping by. It was Tommy! He has come up to stay with us and work until the fall semester starts at CFNI. He went to work with Sam the very next morning, and has taken one of their "extra" jobs. He has his application in at The Wooden Spoon to possibly take over for at least one of the twins. I don't figure Sam will be terribly heartbroken to not have to work a double every Friday!  We will see how that turns out. I am happy he will be here when the handicapped neighbor needs help- I have worried about how he would fare without the twins.

I got to work a day and a half this week, and once again, off until further notice.

So, Tommy being Tommy- or "Stephen" as he is mostly known these days... got off work yesterday and when I got home, was cleaning house. Detail oriented, OCD cleaning. When he cleans- he CLEANS. Furniture is moved, spots are scrubbed instead of just mopped over. Stuff isn't just dusted around, it is removed, dusted, and the surface dusted and washed before the items are neatly replaced. He organizes (reorganizes) as he goes. (We just THOUGHT Chris was the most OCD of the kids.) Sam was helping.  Or, it was the body-snatched Sam. Not only cleaning voluntarily, but he made a salad to go with supper. Without being told to do so. (I'm in good shape if anyone should stop by!)

Excitement is really starting to build in regard to the AT hike. Dan had me cut his hair today for the final time until they finish the trail. He got a warm jacket ordered today- Sam still needs to order his. They are awaiting word from their potential sponsor(s) before buying a tent. The tent pleases me. I have been quite worried about using just hammocks and rainflies before the weather can be counted on to remain above freezing. Later on, they may have me ship their hammocks and rainflies, and will send me the tent.

That's all the news fit to print. Thank you for your prayers!

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