Monday, January 19, 2015

Good Morning!

I hope you are having a good and blessed day. Yes, YOU!
I didn't go on the Monday Morning grocery trip with Mr. C this morning. When he gets back, we are driving over to Claremore to drop off a birthday gift, as my eldest Grandson turns 14 tomorrow! (Happy Birthday, Connor!)
(There was a change of plans over the weekend, so the grands didn't get to come by after all. And today is a postal holiday, so even mailing his gifts wouldn't get them there on time.)

Even though I just said, one sentence ago, Today is a postal holiday... my mind went other directions and I was looking to set a letter out in the mailbox. Have you ever done that? DOH!

The weather is beautiful for January. Sunny today, headed for a high of 64*. A lovely day for a drive. Or a walk... if I were so inclined.  I am still not back to work. Seems the greeting card company has barely enough to keep its regular employees busy. This will be changing soon, with Mother's, Father's and Graduation Days coming up rapidly.

Dan and Sam are 49 days from the start of the AT, 47 days until we head that way. They figured to be done in August, so Mr c set his vacation for then, so we can pick them up. Now I am reading things that lead me to believe they will be done quite a bit sooner... I don't know how we shall work that out! (A story in Backpacker Magazine about a young man with cancer who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail- and got twice as many miles most days as the boys would need to average to be done in August. They are in great shape, and good health, so will probably do the trail much more quickly than we are allowing for. (If they do 14 miles per day average, it will put them at the end of the trail in August. 14 miles isn't that far at all to a seasoned hiker.) Of course, the Trails (Pacific  Crest vs Appalachian) are vastly different terrain, so maybe 14 +/- per day is a good estimate.

Remember us all in your prayers!

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