Friday, January 30, 2015

End of January? Already?

Seems like life is really picking up steam, headed towards our "empty nest". I sort of want to drag my heels and dig in and say "NOOOO!"
But that is hardly fair to anyone, is it? Kids grow up and leave home. That's the way God planned things.
We had more than the American average number of kids, spread over more years than the average family... so here I am in my mid 50's, preparing for the last of the kids to spread their wings and fly!

Either Daniel or Samuel can tell you exactly how many days remain before they take off on their grand adventure. Me, I don't want to count down the days! I am SO thrilled for them, making such an epic plan and working so hard to bring it about. I never did anything so "big". Of course, I was married before I ever got out of high school, then had kids. It sort of keeps you focused at home! Have your big adventure... at least ONE before you settle down.

Not too much is going on, otherwise. I am trying to average one note of encouragement per day... The days I can, I send two... to make up for missing other days. I have lost ZERO lbs. towards my goal of being under 140 by June.

I suppose I best be getting supper on the table. Have a blessed night!


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