Saturday, January 24, 2015

Well, it was a nice visit...

Tommy worked several days, put in multiple applications, had a couple of interviews coming up this week.... Got an interview in San Angelo for Monday... and off he went.
I was sad. But happy that he is going someplace that doesn't make him feel like a failure. He had once said, coming back to our house to live would make him feel like a failure. He didn't say that this week, not at all.
However, when the opportunity to interview with the job in Snanjlo came up, he was like a different person. He was like Sam on two double espressos. Livelier, more animated, and certainly seemed happier.
And being an apartment maintenance guy has to be better than working in a chicken barn, or washing dishes in a restaurant, or working the Old Man Network.
This has been some sort of day. Woke to the news that the father of one of Chris and Bill's friends passed away last night. I had heard he was in the hospital and was about to be dismissed a day or two ago. This news just floored me. Then Tommy departing as suddenly as he arrived.
A nice surprise in the mail today- some soap from Paula's mom, Debi. Handmade, in a variety of blends, with Paula's PBJ (Provided by Jehovah) label.
All of the "weather" other areas have been getting has missed us- going completely around us.
It is a little windy, upper 50's, partly clowny (cloudy). Nice, if ever so slightly chilly.
That's all for now!

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