Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Almost October

The Individuals and I went to the Taylor Family Reunion in Broken Bow over this past weekend. We had a very nice time. My Uncle Johnny was there, as well as my brothers Ricky (Eric) and Robbie. Rick's daughter Laura and her husband Chris also made it out, so Mom had a nice turnout from her group!
The entire reunion was small this year- even counting inlaws and outlaws! I hope that some of the family can really try to make it next year- last Saturday in September! (If you marked your calendar NOW, then you would be able to say NO to other plans on that date... just saying!)

Tomorrow my brother Roger would of turned 50. I have been thinking of him so much, and of Bill Joe, Granny, and the other losses the family has had in recent years.

We started our week Monday with our usual grocery store run. (It also began my detox attempt!) We got home, and got the groceries put away. I was still up to my armpits in items we had come home from the reunion with. As usual, it was piled about the front room... and now the kitchen had that post-shopping war zone look. At that moment, we have someone pull into the driveway... a realtor was here with a client to show the house. Dishes in the sink from breakfast, floors not swept, boys rooms utter disasters, dirty clothes on the bathroom floors and toothpaste residue still in the sinks.
The showing agent said they had called the listing agent and arranged the viewing. The listing agent had NOT let us know. Mr C let them in anyway... and we learned in their tour of the house, the potential buyer had driven from Checotah, OK... which is pretty close to two hours from here. We tried to be gracious under pressure. Not sure if we made the final cut of the places the woman would put on her list to show her husband.... I don't even care.

I had been trying to do a detox- starting with just the detox herbal drinks, water, and some juice. This was to last two or three days, followed by adding veggies to the list, and then meats. (I still planned to leave out grains and sugar for even longer.) Best laid plans and all that... I was about to fall out shaking with low blood sugar by 3:00 pm. I had to put food back on the list!

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