Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Crazy day

It was a busy week last week- the house was shown TWICE within a 24 hour period. On Wednesday night, I went to a picnic given by my bosses at the Spoon. That was quite fun. I watched the pre-dinner baseball game- and the twins participated in it, on opposing teams. By the time they were ready to eat, I had to come home. It was time for the blood pressure medicine I try to take at the same time each evening.
  I took it easy over the weekend- and let so much of the house slide. The boys both worked every single day all of last week. Dan had people vying for him on Friday, so he put two of them off and worked Saturday AND Sunday. Sam helped Dan build fence Saturday, and Dan took neighbor Anthony on his errands Sunday.
  Monday, Tom and I did our weekly shopping. He mowed, and Dan sort of had a day off- but used it on errands of his own. Today, everyone was back to work. I requested rooms be neatened and beds made before they took off. There were no showings scheduled, but the agent had said there might be times when I would have little notice.
  I put some mail out, and happened to see two horses trotting, untended, down our road. The speed limit here is 55- and hitting a horse would be bad for all concerned. I walked towards the horses, which came willingly to follow me. I saw another lady parking her car in the road and hurrying my way. Turns out she was just concerned, they were not her horses either. Someone had told her where they saw the horses emerge, some quarter mile up the road. (Half a mile from where they were when I saw them). I have NEVER seen a horse on that place, but helped this lady walk them back into the long driveway, which she blocked afterwards with her car.
  Just then, someone pulled into MY driveway, and didn't come back out. I had left the house unlocked, as I was just outside, if down the road a piece. So I scrambled for home. It was a person whose Garmin had led him to our address... he had only intended a drive-by. I ended up giving him the nickel tour- mess and all. At least the beds were made... although I was rather embarrassed that my box of wine was on the counter beside a fifth of vodka! (The vodka being one of the purchases yesterday, to make some herbal tinctures! It doesn't have a "home", as I have never needed a place to locate it before now.)
  The lady who I had helped wrangle the horses had called the county... and a couple other people. Every time a vehicle slowed down and seemed to be looking, I asked if they were looking for missing horses. All were, but just to see that they had not strayed back into the road from the neighbors drive. Then the Sheriff's department sent an officer. I spoke with him, as the lady had left after she called. He checked and saw the horses actually in an enclosure, where they might stay, unless driven away. It had a low rope across the opening... and plenty of the neighbor's hay!
I am keeping an eye out for people looking for the horses, or the neighbor to get home. The sheriff's deputy said he'd probably get two calls- one to report the horses found, and another to report them stolen... and thanked me for helping.
  Altogether, little was accomplished today- unless the house hunter decided he really likes the place! (In which case, I need to be packing soon.)

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