Monday, September 14, 2015

The quest continues...

The surgeon says, conclusively, I do not have carpal tunnel.
I "might" have a pinched nerve bundle in my neck. (Suggests an MRI).
I "might" have a rheumatoid disease... as was inconclusively indicated a couple of years ago. (Says see a rheumatologist).
I am NOT cool with spending money to no purpose.
If a pinched nerve was found... what then? I am sure they would call for physical therapy. Rheumatoid disease? Nasty medications with awful side effects.

I am not sure WHAT to do at the moment, but here is where I am leaning: A "cleanse" with fasting and perhaps some herbal teas. A trip (or several) to a chiropractor... a person NOT quick to prescribe drugs to mask symptoms, and will work with me instead of drugging me to zombiehood. A beginning regime of light, strength building weight training, possibly coupled with yoga. Testing some combinations of Essential Oils.

Don't get me wrong, I am not ruling out medical interventions... I just prefer that as a last resort, rather than a first call. I went down what seemed the obvious course: it looks like carpal tunnel- a simple fix for that if the brace failed to work. After 6 months, it was much better, but not "fixed", so I saw the surgeon. The surgeon who today told me, "Medicine isn't like McDonalds! You can't just walk in and get what you want fixed to order!" He admits he thought this was carpal tunnel, but the electrical resistance test is within normal parameters, so it can't be CT". His course of actions are "more specialists" and tests.
OK, CT is ruled out, time to see what diet and exercise and other natural remedies might CURE, BEFORE calling out heavier artillery.

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