Monday, November 2, 2015

And... it's November!

Sam's truck is still not fixed, although the parts (fuel pump assembly) have been ordered. The entire gas tank had to be removed... it is sitting out on the porch awaiting the new pump. O'Reilly was going to have to order the pump... some $500! But we found one from a reputable place online for "just" $300. Meanwhile, I am playing taxi, with more than 100 miles each day put on the car. Tom has a class he is in the midst of- three weeks long. It is disrupting his "groove". It is five days a week, instead of his usual four days.
Another disruption: the time change. Can we just pick a time... one way or the other... maybe split the difference? and stick to it year around? Our older electronics changed themselves back an hour LAST week.... which was wrong. Now it is dark by 5:00 pm, and makes me crazy! (Oh wait, maybe I was already crazy...)

Since Mr C can't do the Monday morning grocery shopping- I have had to do it. In order to NOT add an extra trip into my taxi service, I head on over to town after dropping off my last worker. Aldi doesn't open until 9, I drop Dan off at 8:00. So I get the WalMart items first. Today, I was just finished at WalMart and walking into Aldi across the street, when I got a text message. The realtor wanted to show the house. Not a 24 hour notice, a "we want to show the house in 2 1/2 hours" notice. I was in the middle of buying groceries...
So, I bought my groceries. Got home, and put them away. THEN started in on the house. Basically, I had to empty last night's clean dishes from the dishwasher, and load in this morning's crop. I had to sweep... these floors ALWAYS need swept! I don't care if they were swept three hours ago, I can sweep up a half a dog if I swept again now. And the little faux lady bugs are swarming. I have cleaned hundreds up off the floor, out of the sinks, off the walls and beds. I just slid stuff from the boys rooms out of sight... my bed was already made, and the bathrooms had been deep cleaned Saturday.
Turned out this guy had looked at the house before... he MAY be making an offer.
Here is my project, I covered the notebook with fabric to make a photo album:

And that's about all for now. With Mr C home early, I can get supper going sooner! Thanks for reading!

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