Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Winds of Change

I had to drive in to town a few days ago. A cold front was moving in. The sky was glowering and bleak, and the winds were whipping the leaves from the trees. November was announcing that Winter is upon us. A word dropped into my heart, as I marveled at the fierce raining of leaves from the trees and the wind buffeting the car.

The winds of change are blowing.
They are blowing hard and fierce.
Prepare for Winter coming.
Make warm your snug nest.
Changes are coming.
Prepare your heart.
Changes are coming,
 stripping bare.
all you need is to let go,
let blow.
Like the leaves from the trees
moving on.
The dormant season is here.
 The time for unseen growth.
Let go, and let the winds blow.
 The winds of change.

As most my family and friends know, we are having to move. This time, the house actually DID sell. We have to be out by December 18. That is a month from tomorrow.
Our own search has not fared well. Yesterday, we almost "settled". We made a verbal offer on a place that "would do"... but neither Tom nor I really liked . At.All. But, it was "adequate". And we could "make it work".
After getting home, before the offer was signed and official.. we changed our minds.
If you are making one of the most major purchases of you life... do you settle for "It will do"? Settle for, "I hate it, but we have to do something?" Do you spend more money than you have ever spent in your life on something you really don't LIKE? So, We are back to looking. We may have to find an apartment for a few months.
God knows what we need. He has that perfect place out there, waiting for us.
Keep us in your prayers!

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