Tuesday, November 10, 2015

And what a week it has been!

Friday, Mr C got Sam's truck running. Hooray! I "assisted"... if you want to call going to the gas station to buy gas and following the repaired truck home "assisting".  Friday night started out as busy as could be for my fish fryer job. On an average night, I use up the first five gallon bucket of thawed fish somewhere between six thirty and seven.  This week, I was ready for the second five gallon bucket by six. Then it slowed down... and I didn't quite use up the entire second bucket.
Saturday morning, Mr C and I went to see a house. We even put in a very good offer. (This surprised me, it usually takes a week or more for any offer to be made on a potential house.) After two full days of suspense, we got an answer! The home owner accepted an offer from someone else. So we are back to house hunting. (I don't remember if I mentioned that a person who has looked at the house (we live in) three times now, told me he had made an offer to our landlord. He had not yet heard back whether his offer was accepted or not, but this does make our finding a place imperative.) And we haven't heard a word from our landlord.
I have remarked that it seems all we have to do is make an offer on a house- and it sells. To someone else. This has happened three (or four) times in the past couple of years. We are a boon to the people selling homes in NW Arkansas.
I am at peace with not getting this particular house, yet unsettled at not knowing what we are going to do. I have been told interest rates are going up in January... all these years of low rates, and  we don't buy. Then when we HAVE to buy, rates go up? I am pacing the floors.
Please be lifting us in prayers.

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