Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Almost August

Mr C and I have our 32nd anniversary coming up soon. (August 3rd) That is a week from today. In the past 32 years, we have reared 7 children to adulthood. We have gone from our instant family of 2 children, back down to 2 still at home.
    The great House Hunt has begun. We figure with hunting, closing times, etc... we ought to get going, in order to be out of here when the lease is up.
We looked at a couple of places yesterday. One was really high up the list of potentials on the market right now. We went to see it about the time a torrential rainfall hit. Pouring rain is SERIOUSLY a great time to look at houses. Because when the rainwater is running down the chimney inside of the house, to puddle on the floor, you can pretty much cross that house off your list. Unless you are willing to tackle the major repairs necessary. The house was very small, but we had hoped to convert a shop building into a small apartment. However, we wouldn't have funds to do that, if we had to repair the roof and water damages to the house itself.
   The other place we looked at was a mobile home, about as close as one can come to being in Missouri while remaining in Arkansas. It poses a longer drive for everyone getting to work- and a full hour commute for Sam on school nights. It doesn't have any outside storage. (It remains on the "potential" list.)
   The twins and I donated blood last night, at the Mennonite school blood drive. First time I have donated in years and years. I am sure there will be more times to come, as an O- , universal donor gets called to give any time supplies run short.
   I have been making some awesome meals from the garden. After returning from the blood drive, I did up a really fast meal using julienned squash, & bell pepper strips . Sauteed them together in a really hot skillet. (Later thought, I should of added mushrooms and onion!) I used the sauteed squash as a base for a shrimp alfredo. Tossed the shrimp into a very hot skillet with butter and olive oil. Drained off excess juices, added minced garlic, salt, pepper, then heavy cream and parmesan. It was fast, easy, and well received.
   Yesterday, Grandson Tyrel turned 9 years old. Time sure flies. We had a great visit with him over the last month. Yesterday would also of been Tom's Dad's birthday. He would of been 83, I think.
Tomorrow is my extra mom, Kathie's birthday. As well as my nephew Tony's. We have a LOT of double birthdays in the family. Me and Kimber, Luke Landoll and Connor, Kathie and Tony, Robbie and Gavin, My grandpa and Bill Joe. Alana and my Dad are only one day difference in birthdays. Little "Basketball" Jones has the potential to be born on Nola's birthday! Oh, guess in double birthdays, I failed to mention Dan and Sam! and Layney and Layla- who are also on mine and Tom's anniversary. That  pretty much brings this post full circle, so I am off of here to go do our Aldi run. Have a blessed day.

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