Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ping Pong cleaning...

I might do better with some focus added.
I have wandered from task to task all morning. I need to make salsa... but first, unload/ reload the dishwasher.
I need to pick the garden before it gets hot... but first, walk the dog. Then water the plants out front. Then re-coil the hose. (Ten zillion squash bugs have suddenly found our squash plants)
I need to sweep up the grass tracked in on damp shoes. And vacuum. And mop.
And make my bed.... but first, strip the bed and wash the sheets.
I need to clean the bathroom.... but first, empty the trash bin. But first, take out the kitchen trash. But first, go get the big can from the street. The can is by the mailbox.
What is the date? OH good grief, I never did order Tyrel's birthday gift. (Hello, Amazon Prime!)
Food. I need food! But first, take my *swill* and vitamins. Oh yeah, never got the kitchen trash out.
Hey, there is my tea I made while cleaning one of the baskets (from the bathroom) in the kitchen sink.
So... where am I? Tea. I got my re-warmed tea from the microwave. The birthday gift has been dispatched.
Sheets are in the washing machine, trash is out in the bin. More grass tracked in. I still haven't swept, mopped, or vacuumed. Bathroom is neater, but by no means cleaned. The salsa has yet to be started. What brought me out of the bathroom? Oh yeah, a liner for the small can, and the basket (for my brush and such) that just got washed. Then, I saw my tea and sat down here to drink it. :)
I hope the marvels of caffeine kick in soon, or I may be found sacked out on the naked bed.... possibly with bits of dried grass clinging to my ankles.

Results from yesterday: The Honda's airbags have been 'fixed'. Supper was less than amazing. It marked one of the handful of times since Tom and I have been married, that he declared supper to 'not be his favorite' way of preparing something. (The BBQ chicken legs in the crockpot). Tonight's venture: fajitas with fresh salsa.
The tea is drank! (Hooray, I finished something!)
Back to the ping-pong method of cleaning.

*swill* = powdered gelatin, collagen, hemp protein powder, probiotic powder, and Emergen-C powder dissolved in water. I use it to was down a handful of supplements. (Blackseed oil capsules, garlic capsules, CoQ10, magnesium+potassium capsules, VitaSprout capsules)


~Tammy~ said...

Yay! salsa is done... the peppers straight from the plant, still warm from the summer sun... so crispy they positively 'snicked' when I took the knife to them.
Bathroom is cleaned, floors vacuumed. Chicken set out to thaw for fajitas.

Truth said...

Can I just say, "you are amazing!"