Wednesday, July 20, 2016


This is my second day of "home alone". You would think I could accomplish more. So far, of the things I've done, nothing "shows".
I got several stacking shelves from Aldi. They are made to interlock and stack with one another. However, I have been using them as free standing shelves on my existing pantry shelves. I can see I need at least three or four more!
Beans really ARE a staple at our house. There are no fewer than ten varieties of beans in here!

I usually don't have as many chips and such on hand. Back when the kids were here, I bought up quite a few, figuring on road trip and outing snacks. I didn't realize the day glo orange coloring would affect Tyrel as bad as it did. So instead of feeding them to grands, I individually bagged them for the guys to take for lunches. Another bad move... they all went stale before they could be carried for lunch. So today, I re-crisped up the various snacks and bagged them in better quality bags. (Maybe I should of just tossed them as an expensive "lesson learned"!)
 In about an hour, I have to go trade cars with Mr C and take his car in to have its recalled airbag fixed.
Meanwhile, I have the dog's bed disassembled. Its fabric has been washed, and I need to get a replacement joint for one corner whilst I am out- then we are going to glue that sucker together.

Supper is in the slow cooker- BBQ chicken legs. A salad is made... and we have plenty of juicy, garden fresh tomatoes to go with that!
I do miss the grands. We stayed on the go, or "doing" things here at the house. I got their "Camp CowGranny" memory books designed. It has been a great summer.

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