Friday, July 1, 2016

Best laid plans!

The Gravette Library Summer Reading program has had all sorts of fun kid activities. The kids have participated in quite a number of them. Today 9:00 am... a much looked forward to Tae Kwon Do class.
Yet, here we are. At home.
Last night, the kitchen faucet broke. The plumber was called by the landlord... and supposed to be here between 8:00 and 8:30.
 Finally showed at 9:00.
If he makes quick work, we may be able to show up *late*.
But, it IS July 4th weekend. We have plans, I work tonight. There isn't a *better* time this could be done for more than two weeks.
So... here we are.
I have most of the *do ahead* things done, and just a few last minute things to accomplish before heading off to work.
Dan and Sam are on their way to Pennsylvania for the wedding of a friend. They drove up, and stayed last night with family in Ohio.
My *babies* are off adventuring.

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