Friday, March 28, 2008


The Bug hit me full force Wednesday night. I was thinking I had escaped moderately well- no puking, just the overall malaise. Then it hit.
I hate to puke.
So after several bouts of hugging the bowl, that part was over. I didn't get dressed at all yesterday. By mid-day, I held down a cup of hot tea. Late afternoon- I added a few crackers. For supper, Tommy grilled some chicken. I had about 2 oz. That was all I ate yesterday. So why is it today, Part two has me sticking ever so close to the bathroom? Part two has wreaked smelly havoc on the household. (Maybe that should be 'reeked'!). Poop Soup.

Mount Washmore has reached disgusting heights. Truly. Disgusting. heights. At the moment, the washer is going with a load needing bleach and water as hot as we can produce. I haven't yet sorted the mountain into loads- since I really can't get that far from the bathroom... I am just making up loads by excavating until the machine is full.

The boys are bugging me about assigning them schoolwork. My brain isn't up to that yet. Today's assignment is: clean. And Disinfect.

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