Saturday, March 29, 2008


I have been noticing how influences have been a two-way street in our family. Becky's DH Stephen came to our family not owning a T-shirt.... at least not as an outer garment. He wore button-up shirts for everything- from church to goat wrangling. In the last several years, I have noticed he does wear T-shirts with some regularity these days.

He has influenced his younger BIL's. They are seldom without their "multi-tool", a length of twine, a pocketknife, and the ubiquitous roll of electrical tape. Lately, I have noticed that Tommy and both of the twins routinely wear button-up shirts. Last night, both Daniel and Sam were in white dress shirts. We almost never go anywhere that merits dressing up, and as they will soon outgrow these shirts, I have no objections to them wearing them around for 'everyday'.

Tom and I went to the local grocery store today- neither of us up to facing WalMart on a Saturday. Tom made Sam remove his cape before we went in. IMO, if Sam wasn't embarrassed to wear a cape around the grocery store, we should have let him wear it. I am all for letting kids be KIDS. Too often, they are forced to grow up before they should have to.

NW Arkansas Property management called us about 4 yesterday afternoon- wanting to show the house at 6:00 pm. Usually, I don't mind. But with everyone barely into recovery from this Bug, I asked for them to put it off for a couple of days. I wouldn't want to interview a house that had someone shoving me out of the way so they could rush into the bathroom... or someone laying in the bed moaning "hellllllp meeeee- oooooohhhh aaaahhhh helllllp meeee". The agent said they will reschedule in a couple of days.

Gma Arlene was telling me this morning that Net Jets in Columbus is having a big hiring surge. That is the company that interviewed me last year. Mr C has been looking online for job opportunities in Columbus and vicinity.
Not that he would actually go so far as to APPLY for a job- but he has been looking.
At this very minute he is out driving around 'looking' at houses.
I figure I have driven by every house within 30 miles of here at least once, and if we don't have an appointment to go inside a place- why bother. I am still not up to just riding around- this Bug has lingered long after it wore out its welcome.
Next month... or as close as it is- next WEEK- we can be qualified as 'first time home buyers', since it has been longer than three years since we sold the Marlow house.
Tomorrow is Seneca's birthday. HAPPY Birthday to her!

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buckynay17 said...

Hey, Stephen is wearing a t shirt today! Mostly because he can't get to his other shirts right now...I put all his stuff I didn't know what to do with in the closet.