Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Over half the (at-home) kids came down sick yesterday. Tommy is the only one standing... probably because he had this three days ago. I am not feeling any too well myself.

Sort of reminds me of the night before Tommy was born- every kid in the house sick. Obviously, we are calling another 'sick day' off from school.

Oh Joy.


Becky started a new blog. Here is her link: http://www.bsjonesjourney.blogspot.com/ She started before I did.

One thing I can't shirk today is getting the addresses on the invitations to my Pampered Chef party. ( Saturday, April 12, 3:30pm) I have MOST of the addresses I need- Thanks to Wanda and Cinders. *************************************

Last night I dreamed about Granny- her homecoming. I posted more detail about the dream on the myspace blog. I have tried to post a recent picture of Granny and myself here, but it is just refusing to load.. Ahha- edited in later!Granny and I, January 2008.


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