Monday, March 24, 2008

A New Home

A brand new home... at least for blogging. I have blogged for about two years at , but several folks have suggested that I ought to move forward into the real blogsphere. So here I am.

I recently quit my full time paying job to catch up my full time non-paying teaching position. (January 2008!) My four homeschooled boys needed more attention to their educations than I could provide while putting in the 40 hours a week handing out aircraft parts to mechanics.

In the interest of future posterity (is that an oxymoron or what?) Let me introduce you to myself and my herd.

I am ~Tammy~, usually called "Mom". I am called "Mom" so often that even the little boy I babysit (Matthew) calls me "Mom". When my older kids were growing up, our house was the place all the kids hung out... so I was called "Mom" even by stray children. I have got used to it.

I have been married for over half of my life to Tom. You may see him referred to as Mr C., or DH in my posts. At home, I really do usually call him "Mr C".

My oldest son is Christopher. He may also be called DS#1. He is married to Seneca- a fabulous and someday will probably be famous photographer. They each have three kids- which totals to five between them. (That is some math for you to figure out.) Chris will be 30 next year.... which may also give you a clue that I am not exactly the youngest blogger on the block. Their kids are Jade, Amber, Connor, Alana, and Gavin.

The second born of my children is William. I have called him Bill since he was a toddler and insisted that he was "BILL- NOT Billy Joe". Bill is married to Glynna, and so far they have not (foot tapping impatiently) brought forth any offspring.

My Only DD is Becky . AKA Rebekah, L.G., Three-of-Seven. Becky is married to Stephen. They have one baby -so far- Tyrel. Tyrel was named for a character in a Louis L'Amour book, "The Daybreakers" . I feel compelled to mention that, just because so many people inquire about his name.

My next son- right in the middle of the pack- is Benjamin. He may be referred to as DS#3, or Ben.

DS#4 is Tommy. He goes by his middle name. About two days after filing the birth certificate, Mr C decided he wasn't thrilled with naming the baby Stephen. We enquired about getting it changed- but couldn't afford the $600+ it was going to cost. So he has just always been called by his middle name. This is pretty helpful at family get-togethers these days- you may have noticed my SIL (son in law) is also Stephen.

After 5 kids, we already had more than most people encourage. Tom and I were packing and planning to go on our first (and only) trip away from home without any kids. I checked the calendar to see if I might need to pack some *girl stuff*... and discovered I was over a week past time to have needed said *girl stuff*. A test was immediately procured.

SURPRISE! Two pink lines.

The two pink lines eventually produced Surprise! Surprise! Twin boys. These two are now almost 12 years old.
Daniel and Samuel, DS'#5 &#6. More often than not, we refer to them as "the twins", or "Twin" when speaking to either one alone. As if they were a single unit and not two distinct individuals.

We have an elderly cat. Her name is Al E. Cat. She was named Al back when she was a boy kitten. We adopted a boy kitten specifically. We are astounded when Al began to show every sign of producing kittens. That was when we actually CHECKED the plumbing- but she was already answering to Al. She is 16 years old.

We have four goldfish. One is over five years old: Petey. The others don't have given names. Additionally, we have Two Stupid Dogs. They may be referred to here as TSD, or by their given names of Jaffa (from Stargate TV show) and Drover (From the Hank the cowdog book series).

We currently live in NW Arkansas. It was a decision born of economics when DH's employer closed down the maintenance base in Lawton and opened the base here in NW AR. We had to sell our house- the first/only home we ever owned. We have rented since the big move four years ago. This area has yet to become "home", so we tend to refer to this as "house", not "home".

All in all, this post is pretty boring. Like my life most of the time. But I promise I have some funny tales to tattle on the kids, some *interesting* birth stories, and glimpses into my frequently weird and unbalanced mind.

Thanks for setting out with me on this adventurous ride. Remember to PB4UGO!


buckynay17 said...

Yaaay mom! Hey I took the picture at the top of your blog too! Looking down the road from in front of Gramma Arlene's. Oh I left an answer to your comment on my blog.
PS. can I leave a link to here on my blog?

Glynna said...

Thanks for the prayers for my GF he is doing much better the doctors did so good and this is oe of the many times that i could actually praise duncan regional b/c they were actually on the ball bc we were told if he would have waited 5 more min he would have been dead bc of where there heart attack was and again thank you from the bottom of my heart for everyones prayers!

truth said...

Welcome to bloggerville Tammy! So I'm curious as to why you didn't really like Billy, but you do like Tommy? (The y on the names, not the kids, lol.)