Sunday, March 30, 2008


Today is my DIL Seneca's birthday. She is a wonderful mother to her share (5!) of my grandchildren, and among my best friends. Happy Birthday, Seneca!

I am feeling better this morning- but so restless. Maybe because I haven't set foot out of the house for more than a week? As I tried to relax into sleep last night, my brain was so busy- I thought I would never drift off. I was thinking of the Pampered Chef Party... what to feed folks. .. The Demonstrator at the party is going to make skillet lasagna. I am about settled on making a relish tray and some of my breadsticks... cut into snack sized bites. Maybe some cookies as well.

I wasn't just stuck on the party. I was thinking of having to move. What if this house has finally been reduced in price and sells.? We could buy a house. Or not. But we would be forced to move. Buying a house means me going back to work. The boys are caught up in their schoolwork- or close to it. To stay on top of it and work full time has already failed- I might get by with part time.
Mr C mentioned right before bed- maybe the "high-timers" buy-out will come soon. Eagle is constantly full of rumors of one sort or another- and this one has now been around for well over a year. All we really need for confirmation that the high timers are close to a package deal is for Peter B. to deny that any such idea is up for consideration. (That is the Eagle way!, isn't it?)

yeah, Ohio keeps floating through my head. No wonder I had trouble falling asleep.
Matt discovered the 'magic' pencil sharpener the other day. When a pencil quits writing, you stick it in this gray box that makes growling noises and the pencil comes out all ready to write again. So he keeps a close eye out for pencils that aren't sharp- especially colored pencils. We can usually find a few that need new points. Matt doesn't get to use the magic gray box himself- but is fascinated at watching it work.

He is also quite impressed with the printer- when it starts spitting out papers, he shrieks and points- it took a few times before I could convince him he does NOT need to help the paper escape by yanking it out as soon as it appears. Where were all these cool devices when MY kids were little?
Becky has Ty's First Haircut pictures up on her blog.

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