Thursday, June 23, 2011

Think Geek

The twins have placed a couple of orders with Think Geek. They are, as the " highly caffeinated monkeys" who run Think Geek call it: 100% Awesomeified.
The Geekers have some fun in every bit of the job... their emails are funny, their packing slips are funny... even their packaging is funny!

This is the bag of air pillow cushioning
"Free Monkey Breath Enclosed"

The shipping carton
A duodecahedron "Rubics Cube" type puzzle

These are the instructions on the box of the Duodecahedron puzzle
The puzzle instructions are... puzzling.

The boys also ordered a "World's Hottest Pepper" growing kit... and hope to be the proud owners of burned off mouths in a few months.
If you are shopping for something fun for someone hard to buy for... check out Think Geek. They have paper catalogs available as well as their online store.

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